San Cristobal de las Casas “Tequio”, an initiative of care and common good


Through its sales, the brand generates resources to create a project focused on providing water, hygiene, and sanitation solutions for Chiapas communities

CHIAPAS; Since the beginning of the pandemic, hygiene became the only defense against COVID-19, however, without access to water, the most marginalized communities in Chiapas were left defenseless. Although gel alcohol was an alternative, its high cost and scarcity also made it a luxury. On the other hand, the products began to be of poor quality.

Given these circumstances, the Cántaro Azul civil association devised an initiative that would provide access to high-quality hygiene supplies for both urban areas and the most remote areas of the entity. Thus, in April 2020, after achieving alliances that would facilitate the raw material and having a space to create gel alcohol and other hygiene and cleaning products, Tequio was born, from the Nahuatl tequitl that means collective work for a common good.

In addition to the members of Cántaro Azul, Tequio is made up of people concerned with providing solutions to hygiene needs for municipalities, schools, clinics, hospitals and families that require it in low-income communities.

“In these starting months, the donation of 10,000 liters of gel alcohol was achieved to more than 10,000 families, especially in Los Altos de Chiapas,” said Silvia Lázaro, director of Tequio.

For this initiative to continue providing aid to the most remote areas of the state, it can be supported by buying or selling its products. Currently there are points of sale in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Tuxtla Gutiérrez and Comitán, as well as other states such as Mexico City, Baja California, Querétaro and Aguascalientes, to name a few.

Likewise, by purchasing Tequio products, you contribute to Cántaro Azul continuing to create a positive impact in the communities of Los Altos, Berriozábal, and the Comiteca plateau in matters of water, hygiene, and sanitation. It should be noted that Cántaro Azul has been fighting for almost 15 years so that the most marginalized people have access to these human rights through different programs and strategies.

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To know the location of the official stores, you can obtain the necessary information through the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Tequio (@TequioCantaroAzul). In addition, to be able to contact directly through WhatsApp at 9671334606.

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