Elections 2021: Who is running in Chiapas?


In the June 6 elections, 1,142 popularly elected positions will be voted in Chiapas; here we tell you the positions that are at stake

In the largest election in the history of Mexico, on June 6, 1,142 popularly elected positions are elected in the state of Chiapas, including local and federal councils, as well as municipal presidencies, syndicates, and regidurías.

Located in the southeast of the country, the state of Chiapas, currently governed by Rutilio Escandón, has an economic vocation oriented to trade and services, contributes 1.5 percent of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and has a population of 5.5 million inhabitants, 28 percent of them indigenous.

Positions that are chosen in Chiapas

  • 24 Deputations with a relative majority
  • 16 Proportional representation councils
  • 123 Municipal Presidencies and Mayorships
  • 123 Syndicates
  • 856 Regidurías

Candidates for the municipal presidency of Tuxtla Gutiérrez

  • Carlos Orsoe Morales Vázquez, Morena’s candidate
  • Williams Oswaldo Ochoa Gallegos “Willy Ochoa, PRI-PAN-PRD
  • Elvira Catalina Aguiar Álvarez, candidate of the Labor Party
  • Jorge Luis Martínez Salazar, candidate of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico

Candidates for the municipal presidency of Tapachula

  • Rosa Irene Urbina Castañeda, Morena
  • César Amin González orantes, PRI-PAN-PRD.
  • Luis Eduardo Guizar Cárdenas, Labor Party
  • Ezequiel Saúl Orduña Morga, Green Ecologist Party of Mexico

Candidates for the municipal presidency of San Cristóbal

  • Juan Salvador Camacho Velasco, Morena Party
  • Miguel Ángel Morales Zúñiga, He goes through Chiapas
  • Fernando Rafael Morfín Utrilla, Labor Party
  • Mariano Alberto Díaz Ochoa, Green Ecologist Party of Mexico 

Source: razon.com.mx

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