Chiapas discover the best-kept secret in Mexico


Waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and charming Magical Towns are part of the proposal that awaits tourists who venture to the southeast of the country.

Chiapas is undoubtedly the state that offers the most impressive natural landscapes in Mexico. Its discreet charm lies precisely in the fact that it is an underdeveloped territory for tourism, which is why its spectacular lakes, waterfalls, canyons, Magical Towns, and archaeological sites still inspire that feeling of finding an unknown place.

For this reason, we have prepared four essential destinations that you have to visit to discover a land blessed by nature.

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San Cristóbal de las Casas

This beautiful Magic Town is located 50 minutes from the capital of Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, which by its extension is almost a city. The captivating views surrounded by colonial architecture and historical legacy, as well as a peaceful atmosphere, seem to be the perfect invitation to sit on a terrace and calmly savor an organic coffee, which is grown by indigenous people.

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Sumidero Canyon and Chiapa de Corzo

To get to the encounter of this marvelous natural wonder, it is necessary to go, first, through Chiapa de Corzo, and no one regrets it. Especially when discovering La Pila, a charming source of Moorish inspiration made with brick. 

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This is the beginning of a long and quiet walk through a destination where time seems to have stopped.

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And then fall in love with the incredible views offered by the Sumidero Canyon, which can be seen from its viewpoints or through a walk along the river.

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Blue waterfall

The constant breeze and the watery sound announce the arrival at one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Chiapas and the country: the indigo blue of the water, surrounded by abundant vegetation, will make you confront an unforgettable destination. 

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The most intrepid can discover even more spectacular sites with the help of a local guide since the waterfall is formed by a kind of staircase downstream to where the river holds wonders that you did not imagine.

Destination Chiapas
Photo: Miguel Ángel Garcìa Guerra / Flickr.

Montebello lagoons

If you thought you had already seen it all, the tranquility of this natural oasis will show you the peace that an aquatic environment made up of various lakes, which are actually ancient cenotes, can make you feel. These have been coming together due to the corrosion of the limestone rock. The largest and deepest of them is Lake Tziscao, located on the border with Guatemala.

Chiapas thus offers a tourist proposal like few other states in the country, made up of exotic natural settings and charming towns that still preserve their indigenous legacy.

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