Fears of more flooding in San Cristobal de las Casas due to tropical storm


Several areas of the city were affected by businesses and homes

The intense rains that hit San Cristóbal de Las Casas this Tuesday afternoon, caused floods to be registered in various areas of the city.

Several homes were damaged because the San Felipe stream went out of its channel, causing damage to the Bismark subdivision, Colonia del Valle, San Ramón, northwest peripheral, among others.

Likewise, the facilities of the Coca Cola bottling plant in San Cristóbal were flooded. Personnel from that company requested the help of Civil Protection to extract the water that was introduced due to the clogging of one of the drains.

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Several streets of the Bismark subdivision looked like rivers where residents had to break a wall that blocked the passage of water. The Directorate of Civil Protection reported that the personnel of this agency was deployed in the different affected areas in the city, to support the people where the water entered their homes.

He added that they will be doing tours of the different tributaries that cross the city to monitor water levels. So far, they assured that some rivers are at 90 percent of their capacities, such as the Yellow River, which could affect the neighborhoods of the Island and Tlaxcala.

The agency asked citizens to take extreme precautions since the rains are expected to continue due to tropical wave number 25, to keep abreast of the rivers and streams near their homes.

The “Alberto Domínguez Borraz” Fine Arts Hall is on the verge of collapse, according to an anonymous complaint by Municipal Public Works workers, who assure this site is being used as a warehouse and due to leaks water has damaged its structure.

The complainants assure that the water leaks were never fixed and many places are still propped up, even the carpet is already useless, since the rainwater continues to leak, “the bathrooms are damaged, they are in poor condition, the floor is new it is spoiling. “

They also assure that the rehabilitation work was abandoned due to the lack of payments to those in charge of the work, so that issue is urgently addressed, before a misfortune occurs, “the stage is inflated, the dressing rooms are pools, the seats are full of dust, they did not even cover them to do the work ”.

“The lighting is now obsolete, the work was abandoned, supposedly everything was going to be solved but the architects were not paid; We cannot filter the photos ‘lic’, because we could have problems, but it is necessary to know, to avoid a misfortune ”, concluded the complainants.

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