San Cristobal de las Casas taxi unions against Uber entry


They regretted that a judge has granted an amparo to a transnational company without knowing the social problem that it can generate in some cities

San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- “We cannot allow them to come and take our jobs away. Yes, Uber benefits citizens, because they are offering private cars that do not pay taxes to the Secretary of Government, what am I going to do with this, we ask the authorities to lower the platforms for concessioned transport, right now the mobilization is to support the secretary of Transport that has the same vision ”.

This was said by Armin Rosales Acuña, delegate of the Altos Region of the CTM, said that it is regrettable that a judge has granted an amparo to a transnational company, behind a desk, when he does not know the social problem that it can generate in some cities, since they come to cut the income of the carriers for the benefit of individuals.

After a concentration of around 90 transport organizations in this city, they held a peaceful demonstration, to warn that they will not allow the Uber application to enter into operations, since the sector will be economically affected, which is not fair because they pay taxes.

Likewise, he said that in San Cristóbal there are 3,000 concessioned carriers and between 300 and 400 tolerated, so there have been requests for concessions for 20 years, “Uber does not know all those requests, so we are going to be aware that they do not enter to operate, for now it is not in operation and we are not going to allow it, they are going to charge a commission and the money is going to go abroad ”.

Armin Rosales Acuña, delegate of the Altos Region of the CTM

Rosales Acuña acknowledged that they have to demonstrate to citizens that we have to dignify transport, that the driver’s treatment of the user has to be improved, “we are asking the Ministry of Transportation to come and train us to provide a better service, because downloading an application does not give security to the user, security is provided by the dependencies ”.

Asked about the difference in rates for taxis and Uber, he said that they are practically the same between 35, 40 and 45 pesos, so he asked users to make complaints in case of abuse “if they are cloned on the day of the complaint it is determined, the unit is reviewed and we channel the complaint to the Secretary of Transportation ”.

Finally, he said that if they detect units with an Uber application working, they will make the corresponding complaint to the authorities and ruled out that they will make retentions.


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