San Cristóbal de Las Casas reports an increase in tourism


For the weekend holiday, 70 percent was national tourism and 30 foreign, which motivates them and they hope that in the month of December

San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- The representative of the Association of Tourist Bars ( Abatur ) Jorge Hernández González, calculated a 70 percent tourist influx between the weekend and the rest days for the Day of the Dead, thanks to the fact that the Epidemiological traffic light is green and allows some activities such as the Cervantino Barroco Festival to be carried out.

“We had a good tourist influx from Friday, the Day of the Dead bridge and the Cervantino bridge were mixed, the merger of both events made the tourist influx increase We calculate an increase compared to last year of 30 percent, the days that we did the best we were at 70 percent ”, he said.

He clarified that they continue with the limitations by anti-Covid protocol issued by the Ministry of Health, and even the authorities of civil protection, health, public services made the corresponding supervisions so that everything is in order, but the expectation is met and we consider a closure in white balance.

Currently, he revealed that there are 49 members of Abatur, who are supervised by the corresponding authorities, “but part of the regulation of belonging to Abatur is to keep all documentation and facilities in order, comply with all health protocols to continue to maintain the traffic light in green”.

As entrepreneurs, they are aware of preventing consumers from getting sick from Covid, otherwise, the epidemiological traffic light could change, which would cause the closure like last year, in which they were affected and closed for 4 months.

Specialist calculates the increase of up to 70% in attendance at parties for the Day of the Dead

“The advantage is that they are already being vaccinated, adding that the state government coordinated the vaccine for all employees who are dedicated to the tourism sector who are dedicated to serving tourism, that a first will be applied and most already have the second dose, it is very important that everything is kept to the letter ”, he added.

Hernández González announced that the Ministry of Health will issue a certificate to businesses that are 100 percent vaccinated and that with this we will be able to have more confident diners.

He assumed that on this long weekend holiday was 70 percent was national tourism and 30 foreign, which motivates them and they hope that in the month of December, for the December holidays and the end of the year, they will achieve a rebound and above all because the federal government, state and municipal, are working hand in hand with entrepreneurs.

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