Another female doctor is murdered in Chiapas


Daniela Toledo was originally from Tapachula and was performing her social service in a hospital in San Cristóbal de Las Casas. On December 17, she was murdered at her home.

Feminist collectives and mothers of some victims demand justice from the authorities

She was a medical intern, originally from Tapachula. Daniela Toledo was performing her social service in a hospital in the city of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, but on December 17 she was murdered at her home, located in the El Relicario neighborhood.

doc kill

Feminist collectives spoke out in recent days to demonstrate and demand justice, they marched in Tuxtla Gutiérrez and San Cristóbal. Meanwhile, mothers of victims of femicide also spoke out on the matter …

Nora Margarita Zenteno Juárez
Mother of victim
“It seems that Human Rights protects the murderers, why is there a wave of violence taking place here in Chiapas? This week there has been femicide of three women, there is even the case of Mariana, who is also a doctor, they killed her, the case of Daniela, which was three days ago, also femicide. So what’s up? They are killing people who save lives, it is not possible with this corruption, we do not want more deaths … The lady’s daughter, Jade, twenty days after they kill my daughter, they kill her in the same way. “

They assure that they fight not only for the femicides of their respective daughters but also for the other young women who have been murdered and to whom they have not done justice. His fight will be tireless, until the last consequences …

Nora Margarita Zenteno Juárez
Mother of victim
“That we are not going to leave ourselves, if it is possible that they kill us, that they kill us, but we are not going to allow more injustices, because we are mothers and we adored our daughters and follow the same technique and the protected murderers, and the truth is I am the same as her, if they ignore us we will go to Mexico City, we will continue searching until justice is served … “

doc kill

Adriana Gómez
Mother of victim
“We have not had any progress, although we met with the governor, nothing happened. And as we have seen, here we are not going to find justice, we have to touch … and go to Mexico and see how our cases can attract us, because here it will not happen, here we are going out of vice, because they are only seeing the face … “

they murder

According to the statistics of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, until October 2021, Chiapas counted 34 femicides, however, these have been increasing.


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