Ataulfo, the richest Mexican mango with Denomination of Origin


The Ataulfo ​​mango is a Mexican variety with Denomination of Origin. Its “creator” was an engineer who managed to create the “perfect mango”.

From February to August, mangoes fill the displays of greengrocers and markets in Mexico. This delicious fruit is one of those spoiled on the tables of our country because with it you can prepare countless delicious dishes and drinks.

Although India is the country with the greatest variety of this fruit, in Mexico we have one of the most valued varieties on the market: the Ataulfo ​​mango.

From Chiapas to the world

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Ataulfo ​​Morales Gordillo was an agricultural engineer from the state of Chiapas. In 1958, together with the engineer Héctor Cano Flores, he bought a very special property in Tapachula. This one had some mango trees, so they both began to study them and experiment with new grafts. After several years of research and experimentation, they managed to create the Ataulfo ​​mango in 1963.

This mango is characterized by being made up of 69% sweet pulp, 19% peel, and 8.5% bone or seed. In addition to being very sweet, unlike other varieties, it is not acidic and has very little fiber content. Its firm shell makes it a very resistant fruit, as it withstands high temperatures; this facilitates handling and transportation after harvest.

Unlike others, the Ataulfo ​​handle is quite large and heavy; an average piece weighs up to 350 grams. Its great content of pulp has managed to classify it as “the perfect mango ”.

The production sites cover the municipalities of Suchiate, Frontera Hidalgo, Metapa, Tuxtla Chico, Tapachula, Mazatán, Huehuetán, Tuzantán, Huixtla, Villa Comaltitlán, Escuintla, Acacoyagua and Acapetahua. All these municipalities make up the so-called Mango Ataulfo ​​del Soconusco region, in Chiapas.

Denomination of origin, national pride

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Photo courtesy of Pexels

The Declaration of Protection of the Denomination of Origin of the Ataulfo ​​del Soconusco mango was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on August 4, 2003. In this declaration, the state of Chiapas is recognized as the original place of the fruit.

In order to grant this distinction, certain elements were analyzed such as: resistance, maturation, flavor, size and color.

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In the kitchen

The Ataulfo ​​mango, fortunately, is very versatile for cooking. If you have a few pieces in your house, you can use it to make salads, creams, soups, sushi, purees, and even long pasta. Do not forget that it is also ideal for desserts, and for cocktails that require a sweet and high-quality pulp.

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