Chiapas achieves Guinness Record for the LARGEST hebra cheese in the world 


With 558 kilograms of milk and cheese producers from the municipality of Pijijiapan, Chiapas, broke the Guinness Record last Thursday with the largest hebra cheese in the world. 

A total of 80 workers from 10 local cheese factories participated in this challenge, who during a period of almost four hours managed to carry out the process of making the quesillo, which consists of cooling the sourdough, to then stretching and later carry out the preparation of the cheese ball. 

For his part, Carlos Alberto Albores Lima, municipal president of Pijijiapan, pointed out that to break the record it was also necessary to use six thousand liters of milk, for which he thanked all those who made this feat possible, where Chiapas was the first to attempt it. 

     “We had the expectation of 600, when we were in the roll we got excited and we almost reached 700, but the moment came when the cheese flexed downwards, so we said no more and it was compromised at some point, if you noticed we lost 100 kilos from the extremes, but in the end we achieved the record with 558 kilos”, he said. 

He added that this challenge will open new marketing routes for local producers, since they currently export around 20 to 30 tons of quesillo per day in the southeast and center of the country. 

According to Alfredo Arista, official adjudicator for Guinness Wolrd Record, the requirements were to meet all quality standards, but mainly that the cheese had a ball shape, so hygiene was taken care of during the process, because when finish the product was distributed among the residents. 

     “As we have already said, it is the first, there was no precedent, now we are the precedent, as of today the minimum is 558 kilos,” he pointed out. 

At the end of the event, the 558 kilos of quesillo were distributed to the attendees, as it was one of the requirements to obtain the Guinness World Record. 

  Source: Milenio