Video: Shooting in San Cristóbal de Las Casas has residents and tourist fleeing

  • More than 70 motor scooters with high-caliber weapons fired shots for the arrest of an indigenous leader

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas.- A strong shooting was recorded this Thursday afternoon-night in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, more than 70 armed motorcyclists dedicated to organized crime detonated on the San Juan cruise highway to San Juan Chamula .

According to municipal sources, this was a reaction to the arrest of one of its leaders named Pablo Pérez Santis, who was arrested at noon this Thursday in the northern part of the city.

Riots were reported in different parts of the “magical” town, after the arrest of Pablo N, identified as the leader of the Sentimientos de la Nación organization, which is in charge of criminal groups called “motonetos”.

From 2:00 in the afternoon movement of these criminal cells was seen on motorcycles and vans, from north to west, through whatsapp messages they alerted the population of an attack.

Hours later, men were present on motorcycles who were carrying high-caliber weapons in full view of everyone and fired shots in the open air next to the San Juan gas station and the Walmart department store, in the latter the people who were buying and the staff were locked up to protect themselves.

The hooded men blocked streets with tires and set them on fire. To then continue along Diagonal Ramón Larráinzar to the central park, during their journey they fired shots, which generated panic among the residents, drivers, and users of means of transport when they noticed the movement.

While another group in the eastern zone in the Peje de Oro neighborhood burned “Pablo’s” house, the groups opposed to this leader claimed to be responsible for this burning. The market in the north zone was closed, where tires were also set on fire.

The gunmen also repeatedly fired their weapons in the vicinity of a shopping center and a gas station, which caused dozens of residents to end up on the floor to protect themselves from the bullets.

Once again customers of the Walmart supermarket, located in the northern part of the city, were confined for several hours inside the facilities due to the detonations of a firearm that took place outside the self-service store, which lasted on Ramón Larráinzar avenue.

Likewise, on social networks, Internet users reported that, in the March 31 neighborhood, Del Valle neighborhood, Peje de Oro, the Castillo Tielemans market, the historic center, Insurgentes Avenue, and outside the State Prosecutor’s Office, there were also mobilizations of men on motorcycles firing shots into the air.

Public transport drivers found it necessary to look for alternative routes in order to avoid the routes that were blocked by the organizations that have destabilized San Cristóbal for several years and that in the last one has worsened.

Several hours later, other videos circulated in which elements of the National Guard, State and municipal Police carried out a tour of the colonial city.

Meanwhile, the tourism sector in San Cristóbal is directly affected by the clashes that have occurred and are becoming more frequent and violent, generating insecurity and uncertainty among citizens.

Until Thursday night, the Mexican army, the National Guard and the state police are deploying an operation in the urban area to find those responsible for these altercations.

Due to the bullets, many motorists were stranded in different parts of the town, some with nervous breakdowns and others looking for places to take shelter.

So far, the Chiapas government has not commented on this emergency situation that has arisen for the third time so far this year, without being able to find those responsible for these acts and attacks against citizens.

The armed subjects also arrived at the central park of San Cristóbal, one of the most popular areas for national and foreign tourists, where they fired repeatedly and then disappeared from the place.

The motorcyclists were dispersed throughout the city, causing a nervous breakdown, many citizens who were returning from work were unable to reach their homes, so they had to take shelter near the conflict. No injuries or deaths have been reported so far.

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