Caravan of Venezuelans departs from Chiapas despite new US measures

Photo: (c) Agencia EFE

TAPACHULA, CHIAPAS (November 2, 2022).- A caravan of Venezuelan migrants left Mexico’s southern border for the United States on Wednesday, November 2nd, as a protest on the 20th day since the announcement of new US measures to control migration from Venezuela.

The migrants, who were staying in the city of Tapachula, Chiapas; right on the Mexican border with Guatemala, left in a caravan to demand that Washington revoke the expansion of Title 42 that immediately expels Venezuelans who arrive by land in the United States.

The South Americans asked the US authorities to grant them free passage and allow them to work because they refuse to return to Venezuela.

Venezuelan national Juan Méndez explained that they have left calmly and sought to reach the United States, trusting that at “any moment” they will reopen the border to migrants from Venezuela.

“We are good people, and the Mexican authorities treat us like criminals, we are asking Mexico to help us because we already have no money and we have had to ask,” he told EFE.

The Venezuelans were joined by migrants from Colombia and Ecuador, such as the Colombian Luis Kevin Montaño, who stated that his companions in the caravan are determined to reach the United States.

“In my case, I leave Venezuela because of economic problems, we are going to walk until we get to the United States,” he said.

This is the first caravan of migrants to leave in November from the southern border of Mexico to the northern border with the United States.

This year alone, more than 100 caravans have left Tapachula, but not all of them reach the northern border of Mexico due to the operations of the Mexican authorities that have contained the flow of people and returned them to the southern border.

Source: EFE

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