The city of speed bumps; Carriers are upset


Carriers from San Cristóbal have expressed their annoyance at the excessive installation of buoys and speed bumps in the streets of the city.

In San Cristóbal de las Casas there are more than 400 speed bumps between buoys and speed bumps, installed in different streets and avenues, some were installed out of necessity and others only fulfill the function of hindering road traffic.

Most of the speed bumps and buoys have been installed by the neighbors themselves and organizations, this with the excuse of preventing vehicles from traveling at high speeds and safeguarding the safety of pedestrians since there have been several traffic accidents where people have been injured as well as human casualties.

The minority of the city’s inhabitants have respected the authorities, because they have requested through municipal transit the installation of speed reducers on roads in some neighborhoods or in front of some schools, this in order to safeguard the integrity of the students.

However, faced with this situation, several public transport drivers have raised their voices complaining about them, because they point out that in the long run they end up damaging the axles of the vehicles, the tires or the engine due to the constant brakes, over time the units begin to have failures.

The population points out that this is for the safety of pedestrians and that they do not care about the vehicles being damaged when passing at speed bumps, because for them the first thing is the safety of people and that only in this way motorists can respect the streets and avenues.

In this regard, many people refuse to speak for fear of the same representatives of each neighborhood, because there is an agreement to not to give any kinds of information about the limits.

Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas