Sueniños Foundation celebrates 18 years supporting children


In 2005, the Sueniños Foundation was born in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, which works in favor of the education of girls, boys, and adolescents in situations of social and economic vulnerability in this city and Chiapas.

 Daniela Cabañas, a member of Sueniños, said that this Saturday, February 11, they will celebrate the 18th anniversary of the foundation, with various activities, where the short film “Adultocentrism” will be presented, based on the perspective of adult-centrism experienced by children in Chiapas.

It will also be workshops, auctions, urban dance, music and an expo sale of products made by young people who are trained in Sueniños.

She indicated that for 18 years, Desarrollo Educativo Sueniños A.C., has been a legally constituted, non-profit, political, and religious organization, created with the sole purpose of accompanying and training children.

“The objective is to support and accompany all children in the state of Chiapas in their integral human development, this is not only in support of cognitive education or school support that is also carried out here, but also in their emotional and spiritual development, accompanying them with pedagogues and psychologists throughout their growth process, as well as offering them a job opportunity or one more possibility to find work with training for young people,” she said.

For her part, Kenia Deker, Sueniños coordinator teacher, expressed that working with children in Chiapas from the philosophical and educational model has to do with betting on a life full of joy and dignity.

“From the model in which we work, we start from the understanding that all girls, boys and adolescents have the right to a dignified life and not only a dignified life with access to school or food, but also to a dignified life in the access to a spiritual life, an emotional life that is balanced with academics and basic needs,” she concluded.

Source: Prensa libre de Chiapas