Construction of the bike lane in San Cristóbal has not been completed after 8 months


The residents of the South zone demanded this work for the benefit of all those who ride on bicycles

San Cristóbal De Las Casas.- More than 8 months after the start of the bike lane construction work on the southern outskirts of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, up to now it has not been completed and there is disagreement among motorists, as well as neighbors who live on the shore of this peripheral where few workers are observed.

The bike lane works that so much demanded the inhabitants of the southern zone of San Cristóbal, which began at the San Cristóbal boulevard and will end in the southern zone, until now this work has been neglected.

Despite the fact that more than 30 million pesos were invested by the Secretary of Territorial and Urban Agrarian Development (SEDATU), for the construction of bike lane, precisely the residents of the South zone demanded this work for the benefit of all those who ride on bicycles, because there are several students who walk through that area and are in danger of being hit by a car, because there are no sidewalks and there is no path for those who travel by bicycle.

When making a tour of the place, around 15 workers are observed, and thus the work is seen abandoned several meters and the public says that it has been several months and has generated discomfort.

“We live here in the southern periphery have dining rooms, taquerias or the sale of flavored waters, because as the vehicles pass they fill with dust because this work is totally ugly, there are not many workers and it is not observed that those in charge of the work are in the place, we at lunch time there is a lot of dust, and the work there continues, it does not advance” pointed out a housewife.

While the workers behind the wheel (taxis and urban transport) have been affected by the fact that there are holes in the place and that the vehicles are being mistreated, “they do not finish because there are not many workers and it has been several months, we ask the person in charge of the work to speed up because the rainy season is coming and this area where the EST number 1 and the experimental normal are located are filled with water, the most affected are the students”.

According to the images, it can be seen that the work is totally alone, only the workers near the Cobach are observed, while the other group of workers are at the facilities of the Federal Electricity Commission and in the rest of the work no worker is observed.

The residents of the southern zone have called on SEDATU to send more workers to finish this work “because it is what is needed to complete this construction of the bike lane but they also leave piles of dirt that raise dust and at lunchtime hurts”.

Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas