Carriers install blockade on the Ocosingo – San Cristóbal highway


In the Chiapas Highlands region, the practice of road blockades has become increasingly common, which significantly affects the mobility of citizens and commerce.

Yesterday, the section of the San Cristóbal-Ocosingo highway was closed at the by El Muro, Oxchuc municipality, and today again in the same section, but in the Ocosingo municipality, by a group of approximately 150 carriers in their modality of Mototaxis.

The demonstration was motivated by the demand for the release of several Mototaxi units that were seized by the municipal, state, and regional transportation and transit authorities in an operation carried out last week in the city of Ocosingo. The operation was implemented after complaints from local taxi drivers about the circulation of illegal units.

The protesters installed a total road blockade at the by the El Bambú community, located on the Ocosingo-San Cristóbal de las Casas section, which caused the stranding of dozens of vehicles on both sides of the highway.

So far, the highway that connects Ocosingo with Palenque and Altamirano is free, but there is a threat that it could be blocked if the transport authorities do not release the detained units.

Citizens and motorists affected by these roadblocks are demanding that the government take measures to put an end to these practices that are seriously affecting mobility and the economy of the region.

It is hoped that the transport and transit authorities find a prompt and peaceful solution to this conflict and avoid future road blockades that affect citizens.

Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas