They arrest nine alleged gang members in San Cristobal de las Casas


Elements of the three levels of government arrested in the Las Delicias neighborhood, of San Cristobal, nine alleged gang members who travel on motorcycles, known as motonetos, after a fight in which a person was injured by a bullet, reported the Municipal Police.

He explained that around 5:40 p.m. this Monday, the nine people now detained, including a woman, arrived on motorcycles at a home located on Comitán street and the Diagonal Las Delicias, where they threatened a man and his father.

In a statement he added that after the discussion, “the spirits overflowed” and the aggressors “fired a firearm, causing an injury to the chest of Remigio Antonio N”, owner of the house.

He pointed out that in view of this situation, elements of the Municipal Police Directorate, the Preventive State Police, the National Guard and the Mexican Army implemented a security device shortly after, achieving the arrest of Arath Emanuel “N”, 19 years old; Ricardo de Jesús “N”, 28; Eduardo Alejandro “N”, 20; Isabel “N”, 42; Silmar Camilo “N”, 51; Jorge Fabián “N”, 26; Fausto “N”, 26; Eduardo Josué “N”, 26 and Emanuel Alejandro “N”, 23 years old.

He said that all of them were transferred to the facilities of the District Attorney’s Office, based in this city, “where their legal situation will be determined in the next few hours.”

The Police stated that the injured person was transferred to a hospital, where “he continues to receive medical attention and is stable.”

Source: La Jornada