Ocez-Casa del Pueblo will prevent Governor of Chiapas from entering municipality of Venustiano Carranza


The tsotsil peasant organization “Ocez-Casa del Pueblo” in the Municipality of Venustiano Carranza, in the center of Chiapas, warned that they will not let the Morenista Governor, Rutilio Escandón, to enter, because two of his bodyguards tried to take one of their members, they pulled out a weapon and in response he fired into the air.

This happened while the governor inaugurated two classrooms of the College of Bachelors of Chiapas (Cobach), in this Municipality, according to Jesús Solano, commissioner of Communal Goods of Casa del Pueblo.

“It happened at 11:00 in the morning, the boy (from Casa del Pueblo) is part of the surveillance of our communal goods, and he was a few meters from the office we have, then two trucks start to pass in a row, and suddenly a truck stops, two people get off, they go to grab the partner and they wanted to take him forcibly, that was like kidnapping,” he told REFORMA.

The distance between the Cobach and Casa del Pueblo is one kilometer. Five days ago, Governor Rutilio attended this same Municipality to inaugurate the Clinic for the Attention of Humanized Delivery, but, according to Solano, his bodyguards did not make the same movement, of walking through the streets, as today.

“The young man did not let himself, when he realized that they wanted to take him, he defended himself, he hit the bodyguards, and they pulled out a weapon, and in response he took out a short (weapon) and fired into the air, he is in his work, they came to provoke.

“How is it possible that the Governor allows his bodyguards to do that, if nothing is being done to him, he was supported with coming to inaugurate these two classrooms, it is not the first time he comes, yes thanks to him there are works in the municipality, but what his bodyguards did is not good,” he added.

Solano directly blamed the Governor of the State, who is originally from the Municipality of Venustiano Carranza, for what may arise in the population due to the provocation of his escorts.

Source: Reforma