Chiapas residents refusing to vaccinate, the government offer an incentive


Vaccine ‘Package’: If you take two older adults to inoculate against COVID in Chiapas they give you your dose

In order to encourage the population to be vaccinated, the IMSS seeks that young people motivate adults to inoculate.

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) launched in Chiapas the ‘2 + 1 Strategy’ that seeks to encourage vaccination against COVID-19 in the entity, as it is one of the most lagging behind in terms of immunization process.

Given the refusal of several adults to go to the vaccination centers and the imminent risk of falling into a third wave, the IMSS reported that those young people who take two adults over 40 to get vaccinated, may receive the drug regardless of the date.

With this strategy, the institute seeks those young people are the spokespersons and those who encourage the entire population to receive the vaccine to avoid more infections and deaths from COVID-19.

As of July 11, federal authorities reported that Chiapas is the state that lags the furthest behind in terms of COVID-19 vaccination, with only 19 percent of adults over 18 years of age vaccinated with at least one dose.

In this sense, Zoé Robledo, general director of the IMSS, said that people do not get vaccinated against COVID-19 due to misinformation and ‘rumors’.

“Chiapas, so multicultural and multilingual, (is) one of the states with the least coverage in terms of the internet. The ways in which people communicate, and also efforts to misinform (scare the public) ”, said Robledo.

In Chiapas, the vaccination centers have had little influx and through social networks photographs of spaces destined for vaccination completely empty or with few people have been exhibited.


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